Tabu veneers

Exclusive distributor of Tabu veneer in Hungary is Ligno Art Ltd.

By the development of furniture design, there is a growing demand for harmonization between colors and forms. To implement plans fully, designers need materials that are ideal for creating the perfect synthesis of forms, colors and spaces.

Among Tabu products you can find natural and painted veneers from different type of woods, in many colors, chopped and multi – layered solid wood, in inlaid and traditional structures, as well as floor – tiles and coatings in different types and colors. The company was founded in 1927. The company headquarter is in Cantú (Italy). With their products - using real wood – every dream comes true.

Experiments and research, usage of top technologies, developing new products, it all serves to satisfy customer's needs. Inspirational opportunities of wood both in interior design and on the field of industry are an important part of Tabu culture: the company has been at service for designers, furniture manufacturers and architects for a long time. If it is about wooden materials, Tabu is really a good choice, since it guarantees perfect aesthetic solutions and great technical implementation possibilities.

Since LIGNO ART LTD. is a representative of extremely high quality custom – made furniture production in Hungary, we are committed to Tabu veneers.

LIGNO ART Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of Tabu veneers in Hungary.

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